Master the Mayhem with our COMPASS APPROACH

Say goodbye to challenging unwanted behaviors!

  • Goodbye: Defiance, not listening and disrespect.

  • Goodbye: Hitting, kicking, biting, meltdowns, fighting, you name it!

  • Hello: Calm-connected parent-child relationship!

In this course you will...

  • Gain Confidence

    Feel empowered in the decisions you make for your family. Guide your family back onto a path of strong connection & caring.

  • Create Calm

    Learn how to handle big emotions; yours and your child's. Give your child the skills needed to make better choices next time.

  • Develop Strategies

    Establish practical tools & strategies to use during those tricky parenting moments. Know exactly what to do & say to make the most impact.

A journey starts with a single step.

Your family is worth it!

Through Navigations Parenting's compass approach you will:

• Gain CONFIDENCE in your parenting!

• Develop parenting STRATEGIES that work!

• See CHANGE in your child.

• Have the RELATIONSHIP you've always wanted.

Mastering the Mayhem Course INCLUDES:
→ Researched backed strategies
→ Short course modules for anytime learning
→ Fridge-ready printable course materials
→ Money-back guarantee
→ Lifetime Access to course
mastering the mayhem - hearts and hands

Introducing: Mastering the Mayhem

Your journey to a peaceful home!

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • VIDEO COMPANION: A New Perspective on Discipline

    • VIDEO LESSON: A New Perspective on Discipline

    • JOURNAL VIDEO GUIDE: Reflecting on Parenting Past & Present Workbook

    • JOURNAL: Reflecting on Parenting Past & Present

    • Practical Applications for New Perspective on Discipline

  2. 3
    • VIDEO COMPANION: The Brain: What Every Parent Should Know

    • VIDEO LESSON: The Brain: What Every Parent Should Know

    • JOURNAL VIDEO GUIDE: A Reflection: Why do I lose my cool? Being the calm adult your child needs

    • JOURNAL: A Reflection: Why do I lose my cool? Being the calm adult your child needs.


  3. 4
    • Introduction to Compass Approach

    • What is the Compass Approach?

  4. 5
    • Compass Approach Video - NOTICE

    • Notice Slide Notes

    • Notice Reminder (Fridge Page)

    • Challenging Behavior Check-in

  5. 6
    • Compass Approach Video - EMOTION

    • Emotion Slide Notes

    • The 4 Bs

    • Big Feels Parent Cue Card

  6. 7
    • Compass Approach Video - SUPPORT

    • Support Slide Notes

    • Scaffold and Support Break Down

    • Supportive Boundary Check-In

  7. 8
    • Compass Approach Video - WISDOM

    • Wisdom Slide Notes

    • Wisdom Journal Prompts

  8. 9
    • Compass Approach Video: SUMMARY

    • COMPASS Summary Slide Notes

    • Compass Reminder (Fridge Note)

  9. 10
    • Congrats! You made it to the end of the compass approach!!

    • The Compass Approach in Action

    • Additional Discipline Strategies

    • Roadmap: Guide to Keeping your Journey on Track

    • You're On Your Way!

    • Journey On!

What parents are saying...

5 star rating


Katt Vang

I am so glad I took this course! It went deep into the things that can help you be a better parent and how to help your children navigate their emotions . I ...

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I am so glad I took this course! It went deep into the things that can help you be a better parent and how to help your children navigate their emotions . I felt supported just by taking this course because of all the worksheets I was able to do. I feel as if this course is so detailed that I truly feel it has helped me in my day to day life. The video at the end was so rewarding and I truly felt like Leah and Patrice cared about helping parents be better versions of themselves. Thank you both for all the support and encouragement!! I now have all the tools and tips me and my children need to navigate through the mayhem!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our product.

  • I took the course 6 months ago and need a refresher, can I take the course again?

    Absolutely! Purchasing our course includes LIFETIME access. Take the course as many times as needed. Your parenting job is ongoing and your family needs change and evolve, Navigations Parenting is here for you!

  • I took the course, implemented the strategies and I am still not seeing a change in our family. Now what?

    The compass approach is designed as a parenting mind-shift. This takes time and intention. Our coaching services are available for extra support implementing strategies, getting a parenting partner on board or troubleshooting extra challenging behaviors. We are here for you on your journey, set up a coaching session and let us know how we can help!

  • I changed my mind, this is not a good fit for our family.

    We will work with you to determine a fair refund dependent on amount of course completed.

  • How long will this course take me?

    Mastering the Mayhem consists of a series of videos, reflective journal pages, parent resources and application activities. We estimate this course will take parents anywhere between 4-8 hours to complete. With purchase, the course will always remain available to you to re-visit as needed. Mastering the Mayhem is an on-going mind-shift for families and it is likely this will become a frequently used guide as you evolve in your parenting.