Parenting is HARD.

We are here for you!

  • Stop your frantic
    google searches!

  • Stop feeling at a loss
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  • Start feeling joy
    through parenting!

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, Navigations Parenting offers authentic, non judgmental, family focused support from licensed parent and family educators. We focus on family strengths so you can get back on your parenting path and move forward with confidence. 

All of this happens virtually in the comfort of your own home at a time you choose. Check in with your HSA or FSA to see if your health benefits can be used. Purchase a Parent Coaching ‘course,' fill out the pre-coaching survey (provides insight about your family before your first session) and set up your appointment using our booking tool. 

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One time session

Investment $49.99 per 1/2 hour

Want to see if parent coaching is right for you? Looking for a consultation about parenting or what is going on with your kids? Need a follow up of a previous coaching session? Looking for an objective 3rd party to help you tackle parenting challenges? This is session is for you!

Bundle and Save!
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5- 1/2 hour sessions $220

Ready to make a serious change for your family? Looking for continued support to stick to those parenting goals? These five (or more if needed)sessions will help you explore the why's behind behaviors, develop positive parenting practices and help keep you accountable as you make positive growth in your parenting. Scheduled sessions will be held every other week or more depending on your needs.

Need a refresher, check-in or vent session?

1-20 minutes session $29.99

For those who have completed 5 or more sessions with us.

"Navigations Parenting is in my corner...!"


Minneapolis, MN

My time spent with Navigations Parenting has helped me realize that as a mom, I need to give myself grace. Parenting is hard and having an outside perspective is helpful when reflecting on different situations that arise with my four kids. Through my discussions with Navigations Parenting I am reminded that I am the perfect mom for my kids, I just need to fine tune how I handle certain situations, thus leading to an overall more peaceful household. It's an awesome feeling to know that Navigations Parenting is in my corner, cheering me on!

PLEASE NOTE: At this time Navigations Parenting meets with families regarding children ages 12 & under. If you are currently in the middle of a custody or litigation dispute, please book your sessions after that has been settled.

Cancelation policy: We require clients to cancel within 24 hours of scheduled appointment or full session fee will be charged.